March 2016

Studio Forums started in late 2002 and ran through early 2012. We had a great run, and had over 6000 members by 2012. Thank you to all the forum members for your contributions, and to the many manufacturers who kept the lights on. Below is a screen shot of Studio Forums. If you want to dig into the archives, they can be found online here at

I founded and hosted Studio Forums, and while we had a great 10-year run, it was time for something else. I'm still active in the recording community, and still regularly reviewing gear and writing articles. My pro-audio consulting has moved more into the manufacture and design sector, and consulting with studio owners on system design and gear selection.

I still read and post at Gearslutz and at Tape Op in the Gear Talk forum. After dumping a noisy 3000-friend account on Facebook last year, I'm back on Facebook at


Dan Richards - "Dot"
Editor, Pro Studio Reviews

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